I'M Cody MOISEVE, A Creative Director & DESIGNER.
Over the last 12 years I have had the pleasure of working with some amazing brands including Netflix, Lexus, Toyota, Cisco, and Brewers Association. In addition, I've partnered with some fantastic startups you may or may not have heard of like Lasso, ManCan, RidgidBits, and more.
Whether working with large companies or small teams, I love creating unforgettable experiences that solve meaningful problems. I believe that our best work is created when we put the user first, are considerate of multiple devices and environments, and create teams with many different backgrounds and skill sets. The last few years I've also been fortunate enough to work on multiple accessibility products and learn from some amazing people about creating experiences that everyone can enjoy. 
Although I mostly like to take on interesting challenges regardless of what form they take, most of my work in recent years has been in: partnering with startups to launch digital products, developing and leading design teams, creating design systems and process standards for multi-platform brands, and building interaction model prototypes for testing.
When I'm not obsessing over pixels, I occasionally capture ideas on my blog, make guest appearances on the Sprint Podcast, and challenge my inferiority complex on stage at conferences. I also enjoy a healthy balance of tasting food I can't pronounce in far-off countries, drinking cold beer on top of windy mountains, and sleeping where the 4G don't shine.
TL;DR I love creating meaningful, user-centered experiences and working with brands to create better products and teams. If that tickles your fancy, let's grab a beer, coffee, or burrito
Cody Moiseve sitting in front of a bus in Alaska
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